Why learning mathematics at the right time important?

I think of it now more than ever that career-wise life could have taken off into a completely different trajectory, if only I had been taught mathematics differently. Back then in school, I had an inferiority complex which stood as a barrier between me and learning. I used to get conscious a lot in forming friendship, socializing with new people, children, or just about talking. I wasn’t any good in studies and had to take tuitions for Maths, Science, or English etc.

I was such a dope that I failed in almost all my classes and would get promoted to the next class. Later on in life, I realized that I had something that we today call dyslexia. I would fail to comprehend little things, and would easily get distracted. Naturally, I wasn’t good at sports and therefore, had to face challenges throughout childhood. But no matter which class I was in, Mathematics was never easy on me. I used to cry in helplessness thinking why sums don’t go seamlessly well down my thick skull. But I had no answer.

All teachers and tutors who taught me in school would smack and thrash me brutally so that every time I would go to class I was afraid thinking for which problem I’ll be tortured today. Nobody taught me the subject so that I can learn mathematics effortlessly. But I also don’t blame them entirely as there was neither the awareness nor were the systems to see the problem.

But today when I read news, analyze a problem, or draw conclusions or do a different kind of mental math, I couldn’t help but sympathize with myself for the learning experience I had gone through. I am not saying this because I want to trivialize the discussion or play victim. But today, when I am grown up and my brain has evolved, I am discovering that I am passionate about a lot of things that people tend to ignore generally or are “too busy” to care about. For example, Hindustani classical, Chants, Bhajans, all language songs, writing stories, painting, reading books, appreciating art, participating in intellectual debates, evolution of life on Earth, space research, dark matter, dark energy, astrophysics, poems, Sufism, mysticism, politics, geopolitics, business, community building etc. I am interested in all these things equally.

Today, I have the acumen to pursue all things that I want to pursue but I feel challenged when it comes to subjects that include maths or have a pattern in it to discover and explore.




A nomad by desire and copywriter by profession, I am someone who enjoys a good conversation and intensive intellectual arguments in his work and otherwise.

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Manoj Joshi

Manoj Joshi

A nomad by desire and copywriter by profession, I am someone who enjoys a good conversation and intensive intellectual arguments in his work and otherwise.

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